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To become a member it is required to open a savings account. By opening your savings account and becoming a member you can take advantage of all the services we offer. A savings account requires a minimun deposit of $25.00, which the Credit Union requires to stay in the account as long as it is open. The good news about our savings accounts is that you can earn interest  compounded quarterly.

Market Rate Savings

A money market account provides security, flexibility and a competitive rate of interest on balances over $1000 on deposit for the full month. You can make unlimited deposits and withdrawals at no charge.

Certificates of Deposit

A CD allows you to lock in a high interest rate for a fixed period, from six months to three years with a minimum deposit of $1000.

Small Saver Certificate

Minimum deposit is $100 with an 18-month term.

Individual Retirement Accounts

An IRA allows you to save taxes now while building financial security for your future.

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