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Our History

St.Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Credit Union, Charter 106, was established in October 1967, and incorporated March 20, 1974.

July 12, 1983, a Plan of Merger was signed by officials of St. Joseph's Hospital, Humana Inc. (formerly Doctor's Hospital) Memorial Hospital, Phoenix General Hospital, and employees of various health care facilities; using the name of St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Credit Union.

February 6, 1984, an amendment to the Certificate of Organization was approved by the State Banking Department to change the name of the credit union to Southwest Health Care Credit Union.

At the time of merger, the various Board Members voted to keep at least three(3) members from each of the hospitals so that each hospital would have fair representation. The Credit Union by-laws were amended to consist of 15 to allow this. No set allocation of Board Members for individual hospitals was indicated, however. Through the years as Board Members have resigned, the Credit Union has tried to keep each of the hospitals fairly represented on the Board. As of this date, we have nine(9) board members.

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